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XClub Introduction

XClub , or Infinix XClub, is one of the numerous apps that are part of Infinix XOS, it is an online forum for mobile devices that was developed and offered through Infinix Mobiles. It functions as a community where every Infinix smartphone user can gather to discuss and debate on various topics and thoughts about their Phones.

Today Infinix is one of the numerous smart phone companies who try to take advantage of every chance they have to integrate their own apps into every smart phone that they launch at least once a year or each month.

In the case of Infinix Mobility, these apps are classified and categorized in a single grouping, commonly known as XOS apps. Let’s have a break to discuss all the things we believe you need to be aware of Infinix their most popular online tech forum, called the Infinix Xclub. Without further delay let’s dive into the depth of Xclub.

What Is Xclub or Infinix Xclub ?

Okay, to those who aren’t familiar that Xclub, or Infinix Xclub as many prefer to refer to It is rapidly growing online forum application designed and is provided through Infinix Mobility.

It’s basically an area or platform on which users of its smart phones are able to meet, share ideas and debate questions regarding their diverse models of Infinix smart phones.

Why you should use XClub App?

Over the time the Xclub has evolved from a simple software bloatware application, to an extensive user base that covers many different subjects ranging to Tips and Tricks for using your Infinix smart phone more effectively and about portraiture tricks, music, and video, as well as Q&A portions, games, news and anything else you could think of that are related to the Infinix mobile phone.

Device Reviews

You can go through reviews as well as post some about Infinix Mobile phones on xclub. It even gone extensive as having separate sections for certain of their most recently launched devices, such as Infinix Note 5 and Hot 6 Pro, the Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus as well as the Hot 6, the the Hot 6 Pro, Hot S3X and many more.

Question Answers

If you’re seeking an answer to a problem with the specific smart phone you have or feel like initiating a discussion or debate on a specific phone and its features, then you’ll be aware of the best way to do it.

Okay, now that you know what the Xclub application does as well as its primary function and application to the huge and ever-growing group of Infinix smartphone users, wouldn’t you agree that the next question is.

How to Use It?

Let’s attempt to answer the question in the most simple manner that is possible..

The first thing to be aware of is that the Xclub application is just like any other Android application being downloaded on your android smartphone..

Like every other Android application, it does not require any particular technique to utilize it, nor is it required to attend any particular course of instruction before you are able to begin to learn how to use it.. It’s not required.

The app is offered via Infinix Mobility as one of their numerous bloatware programs however, in this instance it’s rather beneficial instead of ineffective.. This means that it’s already installed as a default feature on your smartphone, and all you need to do in order for it up and running, Follow the instructions defined in the following.

Guidelines about Xclub

  1. If you’re who use a standard Infinix XOS launcher that came preinstalled on all Infinix phones, browse through the default folders that are on the home screen until you find the one marked as “XOS Applications”. Click on it to open and view all the apps that it has. Once you’ve found it, simply locate and click on “XClub” to start it.
  2. However, if you prefer to go about it in a more practical method and for those who don’t have a standard Infinix XOS Launcher, all you need just open the drawer of apps and keep scrolling through the the grid until you can see the Xclub application, simply tap it to start.
  3. If you’re beginning to use it or opening it to the first time as with every other Android app you’ll be required to sign up for your account.. This is known as ” XAccount“.
  4. With this account Infinix can collect and store your actions from the Xclub app, like your posts, views and comments and your Xclub rank or user level and your total amount ” XGold” you’ve accumulated to date.

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