My High School Bully

My High School Bully
My High School Bully

My High School Bully Webtoon Synopsis

Davey Jo (A Freshman) who was just entering high school a year later.

This webtoon shows an transformation from a lost person to the role of a hero. Davey Jo, the main character, was lonely and nobody wanted to speak about him.

So let’s take a trip back to my high school days. The protagonist was the victim of more bullies at school. But there was no one to help him and he did not even attempt to stop the bullies.

He just wants to leave. He sat through his one year of college in hopes of transferring to an elite college and begin an entirely new one.

Likely on the first day he met Friends to take care of his feelings. Davey Jo expresses the feeling by telling the story ( College Rocks).

On the first day, he spotted an innocent girl being bullied by a lot of students. He tried to help her. She is Sue Chae (Fresher).


This is my chance to be the one to greet Sonny Lee and Kevin Kang my friends. We met during freshers party dinner.

The meal was delicious which was completely unplanned for me.

My High School Bully Manhwa popularly referred to in the form of (AKA) “iljindongcangnyeo”. This OnGoing webtoon came out on the date of 2020. This story is written by Andrew and the illustrations were drawn by Kkokkio. The webtoon I created, High School Bully webtoon is about Drama, Mature story.



The webtoon is bound to be awesome, with a lot of moments of joy and sorrow in Davey’s daily life. School Bullies are back.

My High School Bully Chapter 82 Recap: My High School Bully

The episode was risky but entertaining episode of the online cartoon My High School Bully.

The video that Davey went popular. The embossing was not enough for him.

The great thing about the video is that it wasn’t clear enough to determine Davey.

Later , Davey and his girlfriend find it out Natalie was in love with Davey’s girlfriend.

Even even Davey has never ever met her before, Of Couse its creating a angle of Crush between the two.

Chapter 82 in My High School Bully was an epic in that it developed an incredible story from beginning to end.

The chapter was filled with many interesting things, but did not conclude and gave a hint to the upcoming chapters in “My High School Bully”.

My High School Bully Chapter 83 Raw Manhwa: My High School Bully

Surprisingly, not only My High School Bully Chapter 83 Raw is out, but total the 103 Raw chapters of the manhwa are available to date.

Chapter 102 and 103 published on Feb 3, 2022.

It’s been a while since the last chapter in raw was published. We hope that the May chapter 104 raw will be available in June 2022.

My High School Bully Chapter 83 English release date: My High School Bully

As we all know, 103 Raw chapters have already been published.

However, the number of chapters that are translated into English remains at the 82.

There’s only a waiting until Chapter 83 to be translated into English Language.

The author is yet to announce the date of release of the chapter to come, however, the upload rates for previous chapters suggest that it will be released on the 12th of June in 2022..

There could be some surprise on the authors ‘ side when uploading two Chapters at the at the same time.

As of now, it is predicted for the high School Bully Chapter 83 will end on the 12th of June 2022.

Release time is 12 AM PST.

Any news related to this will be made public as soon as it becomes possible.

Where to Read: My High School Bully

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It was my duty to inform youof this, and the rest is yours to decide.

My High School Bully I experienced an experience the majority of people only dream about when I met the bully from my school. I had just completed one quarter in medical school and decided to take my parents with a meal at a popular meal at a restaurant near my home town. Our server came in to present us with our menu, I instantly recognized the person the person was.

  • Manhwa
  • Genre : Drama, Romance
  • Author : Andrew
  • Artists : Kkokkio
  • Release Year : 2020
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Chapters : 103 in Raw and 82 Eng. Translated
  • Rating : 9.4/10 By 10.2k Genius
  • My High School Bully

My bully was one of the most popular students during high school. He was selected to student council. He and threw alcohol-fueled celebrations for classmates underage and snarled at teachers for disrupting classes. The stereotypical nerd , sporting heavy glasses and metal braces. They made snide remarks at my back in classes, just like they did with people who were not in their circle and I tried my best to keep away from them.


One day, a buddy of the bully invited me to go out for an evening date in the middle of a quiet period in the class. I noticed the bully as well as his friends laughing at the back of my mind. I reacted by shouting my fake suitor down and offering him a public verbal smack I was hoping he’d not forget for decades to follow. Following the event, the bully as well as his companions mostly let me go. It was more difficult to intimidate someone who had the ability to defend themselves.

My High School Bully

Now, several years after the bully had taken orders from me. It was an experience I, as a high-schooler thought of in which I could boast on my educational and career accomplishments. However, at the final analysis, I felt sorry for us all. My bully wasn’t academically gifted but he was driven and at the time appeared to be an ideal manager. I was skeptical that this was the place his future self was after graduating and realized that there was no pleasure in convincing him otherwise. An active life is the most effective revenge However, there was no joy in the meeting, just uncomfortableness.

My ex-bully known me. We talked like there was no conflict between us. We talking about what we had been doing recently. I spoke about medical school and the doctor talked about his recent trips. He left after our food orders. His shift was coming to an end and a new server had taken over his place at the time of our meal. I wondered if he had remembered that he’d caused my school life to be harder than it was been.

When I was in my senior year of high school, I used these experiences in an incentive to work hard to leave my home. I believed that my college friends would be educated and well-rounded individuals who would be respectful of my academic talents and my niche interest, and that’s exactly the case. Although I’d accomplished a lot in my own way, I suffered from the traumas of high school. I could cover up my wounds and claim them to be as a blessing in disguise however, in the moment my teenage self was in constant a state of anxiety about social situations. Additionally there are many instances where a person who is the victim bullying can have a good ending.

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As per the National Institute of Child and Health Development, kids who are victims of bullying are more likely be struggling with addiction issues as well as academic performance and the threat of violence in their lives later on. The experience of trauma keeps them from developing the capabilities needed to make sound choices.

It’s harder to be an teenage than it has ever been. In high school when I was in high school, social media and in turn, cyberbullying was fairly new, and bullying at school could only be experienced while in school. Nowadays, thanks to internet forums, social networks as well as messaging applications, bullies is possible all the time and is easily concealed from authorities such as the teachers or parents. I also can imagine it’s easier to make someone feel less human on the other side of the screen than confront someone directly to you with the possibility of retaliating.

The teenage years can be awkward as we start to recognize our roles in our social circle and our community. Many try to establish their positions by degrading others. Some get over their behaviour, while others endure their abuse to adulthood. For the victims the scars remain in us, as evidenced by my talking about my bully from high school nearly 10 years after I graduated. It’s human nature to evaluate our growth by comparing our youth expectations to how far we’ve changed or have fallen. For the bullies of the past as well as those who have been bullied previously I wish that we could be the kind of people our younger selves are proud to be.

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