Gift for Dog Lovers

Gift for Dog Lovers
Gift for Dog Lovers

Gift for Dog Lovers If you’re searching for the top dog-related gifts for pet owners, you’ve come across it here. The dog owners are raving about their asobu Dog Bottle. The durability, quality and utility that the bottle as well as bowl for dogs is unmatched by the competition. dog products available on the market.


About Gift for Dog Lovers isn’t just for gifts for pets They also offer top-quality gifts for everyone (yes even people who aren’t dog owners or dog lovers).

The entire range of products is designed with inspiration from Japanese culture, hence the name Asobu which means playfulness and fun.

The products are simple, sleek and beautiful in their aesthetics.

The color of the brand has a hue of the color orange (like us) because it symbolizes joy, happiness, and Creativity. We love it!

Their products are covered by an unbeatable lifetime warranty, with easy returns – and free shipping (for orders of more than $50).


Dog Owners’ Favorite Gift: Asobu Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

This stainless-steel water bottle is available in a handy size of 33 ounces. The base serves as an ice bowl that is perfect for your favorite pet.

Simply remove the bowl from the top of the bowl to pour water into the bottle that is insulated into it. Once your furry friend has finished drinking, shake the water that was accessed out and then screw the bowl back on the bottle.

Does the water remain cool in the Asobu Bottle? Yes! It’s vacuum-insulated that keeps the contents cool for many hours.

What else is great about this present for dogs? has made sure that the dog’s nottom is non-slip and comes with a comfortable grip handle. It’s great to take long strolls with the pet, hiking as well as playing outside in parks. It’s a great pet to take everywhere!


Asobu Bottle Colors, Gift for Dog Lovers

The colors are vivid and resistant to fade. There are a variety of colors to choose from:

  • Aqua Pink Marbleabosu bottle gift for dog lovers
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Midnight Marble
  • Mint Green
  • Pink
  • Smoke
  • White
  • Wood

Gift for Dog Lovers

Questions Dog Owners Ask About the Dog Water Bowl and Bottle

If you are buying a present for a dog lover you need to ensure that the gift will be appreciated. Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions that pet owners ask about it.

Does this water bottle for dogs and bowl dishwasher secure?

The water bottle placed on top of the rack is considered to be safe. A gentle cycle with no heat dry is the best option, however some dog owners have reported that the regular cycle didn’t cause any damage to the Asobu Bottle.

Are there any glass pieces within this product? Gift for Dog Lovers

This double-wall insulation constructed of plastic, not glass, which means there’s no glass.

Is the storage area insulated copper-lined similar to others Asobu products?

Yes however, the outermost layer is made up of stainless steel.

Are smaller sizes available? Gift for Dog Lovers

It’s true that the Asobu Bottle only comes in 33 ounces however, there are different kinds of bottles, like that of Asobu Urban bottle and Orb Bottle which are smaller. They are also great presents for pet owners.

The location from which the item is made? Gift for Dog Lovers

The product is made in China.

Can dog food be kept in the dog bowl that is detachable? Gift for Dog Lovers

It’s not because the dog bowl screws onto the bottle the bottle, so there is no space left. You can however place dog food in the bottle and then pour food into the bowl once you have removed the screw.

What Dog Owners Think About the Asobu Bottle

Amazon reviews are generally positive, with an average that is 4.7 out of five. Many pet owners think that the product is durable and sleek. It’s an ideal product to bring to wherever they go with their pet.

Certain pet owners believe that the bottle is heavy once it’s filled. It weighs 33 ounces that’s about as heavy as an Yeti as well as a Hydroflask drinking bottle.

How to Buy This Gift for Dog Lovers

You can purchase this present for dogs on The item is currently for sale at $34.99 (regularly $36.99)

Amazon offers Amazon has the Asobu Bottle for $29.99, that comes with free shipping and simple returns for Prime members.

It’s the Asobu Bottle truly makes the ideal dog-friendly gift. Not only is it the most loved gift for your beloved and will make the dog extremely satisfied. This is the reason Dog Ownership Guide suggests it with great confidence. We believe that Happy Dogs are happy owners.

dog water bottle

A Dog Water Bottle is from

Dogs are fond of drinking water, which is what everyone is aware. Their health is influenced by drinking plenty of water. Finding a method to keep your dog hydrated even when you’re out and about is essential.’s Dog Water Bottle is an excellent choice. There’s a new item available that’s specifically designed for dogs and is the bottle. It comes with a special spout , which makes it easy for your pet take a drink out of.

Materials that resist wear and tear has been used in the making for this bottle designed for dogs. There are many designs and colors to pick from, so your dog will surely discover one they love! For a chic and practical method of giving your dog water when out and about make sure to check out this bottle’s Dog Water Bottle feature.

There are a variety of ways to purchase the Asobu Dog Bowl

A gift for lovers of dogs which gives your dog food and water. It can also make it more exciting. With this gadget it is easy to provide water and food to your pet while on the move. An stainless-steel bowl that has a 16-ounce capacity can be found. BPA-free plastic is the bottle’s capacity of 24-ounces. The bowl and the bottle aren’t dishwasher safe So keep this in your mind. Due to this, they have to be cleaned by hand.

If you’re searching for the top dog-related items to pet parents, then you’ve found it here. Dog owners praise their asobu Dog Bottle. Let’s look at the Dog water bottle in greater detail.

The long-lasting, high-quality and usefulness of the water bottle from Asobu and bowls for dogs, is superior to other pet-related product offered.


Dog Owners’ Favorite Pet Gift: Asobu Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

The water bottle made from stainless steel comes in a size which is useful 33 ounces. The base serves as water bowl, which is ideal for your loved pet.

Take the bowl off the bottom and put the bottle back in place with the insulation. After your pet has finished taking a drink, shake the liquid that was accessed and then screw the bowl back into the bottle.

Does the water stay cool inside the Asobu Bottle? Yes! It’s vacuum-insulated, which keeps your contents cool during many hours.

What else is remarkable in these canines? is ensuring that the bottom of the dog is not slippery and comes with a comfy grip handle. It’s great for taking long walks with the pet, and to play and hike in the park. Take it everywhere with you!

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Questions Dog Owners Have About The Dog Water Bowl and Bottle

If you buy a gift for your dog’s owner, it is essential to ensure that it’s received well. Look over a few of the questions pet owners must have to.

Is this water bottle for dogs and the bowl dishwasher are safe?

The water bottle which is on the top of the rack can be thought to be safe. A gentle cycle without drying using heating is the most effective option but some dog owners have stated that their regular cycles did not cause any harm or damage to The Asobu Bottle.

Do you think there is glass in this product?

The double-wall insulation is made from plastic and not glass, meaning that there is no glass.

Is the storage area insulated and comprised of copper, as with other products by Asobu?

Yes, but this outer layer made from stainless steel.

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Are smaller sizes available?

Asobu Bottle Asobu Bottle is only is available in 33oz as of now but there are other kinds of bottles like that of Asobu Urban bottle as well as the Orb Bottle that are smaller. They also make excellent gifts to pet owners.

The place where the item is produced?

The product is produced in China.

Can dog food items be stored in the bowl that is detachable for canines?

The dog bowl has been screwed to the bottle, and there is no room left. It is possible to place food items in the bottle, then put food in the bowl after you have taken off the screw.

Conclusion is the ideal site to find unique gifts for your pet. Here, you’ll discover a variety of customizable water bottles. With the help of these bottles can help keep your pet hydrated. With the variety of options that you can choose from, you’ll surely find the right water bottle for your pet.

Gift for Dog Lovers

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