Deco Pic App

Deco Pic | Samsung Galaxy’s Fabulous Avatar Maker

Deco Pic is a digital avatar and sticker app. You can create personalized stickers, profile photos, and emojis with the extensive collection of fun accessories and designs available.

What’s Deco Pic App?

Deco Pic App

Deco Pic lets users enjoy their favourite photos and make stunning collages, posters, or frames with them. You can choose photos from your phone’s album or social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox!

It is an easy-to-use photo editor that lets you create unique borders and effects within seconds. Take a photo, choose the frame that you like, then add fun decorations such as frames, stickers and overlays.

Samsung Galaxy Deco Pic

Samsung’s DecoPic app is an easy-to-use and free tool. You can create photo collages or photo grids with this app. You can change the background color, add stamps or shapes, apply borders automatically, and many other exciting features.

See if You Need it or not?

Deco Pic is a free smartphone app that lets you transform your photos into art, is available for download. You can create the image you have always wanted with Dynamic or Artisto.

It’s the best way for you to share your photos with family and friends. Create an account and save all the photos you want. Then, send them to wherever you wish. DecoPic app users are friends who want to share deco pic. Of course, it is the perfect app for you if you are looking for an amazing design app with tons of features.


Deco Pic is an app that’s fun, free and easy to use for all. Simply take one picture and then choose from the many backgrounds and borders to create a unique photo with high resolution. You can create your own unique design.

Free to Download

It is free to download the app and doesn’t require registration in order to edit photos. The full version of the app can be used safely.

User friendly layout

It allows you to superimpose your own designs on photos and illustrations. It’s more than a filter or effect to overlay them. Deco Pic allows you to perform various actions on images by simply touching your finger.

It also allows for infinite creativity with drawings, fonts and textures that are created from scratch by an international team of illustrators.

Realistic Backgrounds

Deco Pic app was created for you to add realistic backgrounds and frames to your photos. It’s now easy to add backgrounds and frames to any photo or video.

Easy to share on Social Media

You can design things in many ways quickly and easily with Deco Pic. It can be used even if you have never used an image editing program before. Deco Pic app is a mobile app that can also be used as a social networking add-on.

Choose from one of the pre-installed designs, or tap “create” to create a new design. You can instantly share your event on Facebook and Twitter by filling in the details.

How to Use It?

The application offers several categories, including Audio, Animations, and Other. It gives your images style and is easy to use. Follow the steps below to use:

  • Choose whether your tablet or phone will be used, then open the app to select a photo from your gallery.
  • Next, drop frames, bubbles and hearts on specific areas of the image. Or double tap on the screen.
  • You can pinch to zoom in and out. Deco Pic App offers hundreds of decorative objects to make your photos stand out.

Is Deco Pic app safe for your device?

  • DecoPic app is reliable in terms of security. It has been updated regularly and subject to extensive testing. It has received a high rating from the app stores which indicates that it is safe to be used.
  • DecoPic app is an open-source program that anyone can use. You can also take a picture with the camera and upload it. DecoPic app stores your photo and puts it on the site for you.


DecoPic app will appear in your apps list when you have downloaded the DecoPic app application. DecoPic will still be available on your phone if you don’t delete it. If this app is not deleted from your phone and you have an internet connection, a pop-up will appear which will allow to set the app up.

These are the same steps that you’d use to download the any App. You can search for unknown sources in your phone’s settings, menu, and security settings. The downloaded file can be accessed by clicking the “Download” button in your browser, and then tapping the file one time.

Next, download it to your phone. It will take some time for the information to load. Next, touch the button to launch it. This option is available in your Android’s security settings.

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