Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods

Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods, History to Evolution

Bottled and Jarred packaged goods: The preservation of the food is an ancient struggle.The idea of the bottled and jarred packaging of goods was common among Egyptians. Methods of drying, salting, smoking, pickling, fermenting and chilling in natural refrigerators, like streams and underground pits were mostly in practice in past and still exist but now the technology has upgraded these methods.

Need of bottled and jarred packaging ?

Food preservation is the ultimate goal of this kind of packaging. As we are living in the age of globalization, the transportation of the food is now a common practice. Bottled and jarred packaged goods are easy to transport this is why it helps to import and export goods comfortably.

Besides food products, bottles and jars are also in practice to save the beauty products. Shampoos, perfumes and many other beauty items are the part of this packaging.

Historical traces of bottled and jarred packaged goods

Civilization gave many innovations to the human beings. The bottled and jarred packaging is also one of these innovations. It is believed that the first glass bottles were made in 1500BC in Mesopotamia. In the middle ages, Europeans worked more to upgrade this manufacturing. After that, the renaissance period in the 14th century saw the more advancement in this technique. Industrial era of 17th century was revolutionary for the glass making industry. In 1915, Karl Peiler added another feather in the cap of history by inventing a way to make a more efficient system of mass producing bottles. Bottled and jarred packaged goods are therefore, currently in practice.

Material used for the packaging products other than glass

Mostly by listening the word bottle or jar, the material of glass come into the mind. Glass material is the classic raw to make jars and bottles. Other types of packaging materials include plastic, steel, aluminum, paper, paperboard and wood.

Glass Jars as bottled and jarred packaged goods

There are numerous types of jars currently in use for the packaging of goods like:

  • Economy Round Jars
  • Paragon jars
  • Standard Spice Jars
  • Hex Jars (Hexagon)
  • French Square (or Victorian) Jars
  • Mason Jars
  • Straight-Sided Jars

Glass Bottles as bottled and jarred packaged goods

Following types of glass bottles are common:

  • Boston round Bottle (Winchester bottle)
  • Long necked bottles (Woozy bottles)
  • Sauce bottles
  • Wine bottles
  • Liquor bottles
  • Marasca and Dorica bottles

Use of Plastic bottles and jars for goods packaging is an innovation

In 1862, Alexander Parkes was the person who unveiled the first man made plastic at Great International Exhibition in London. 20th century observed the further advancement of plastic making. Plastic containers come in a range of types and sizes, as well as Boston Rounds, jugs, packers, straight sided, vials and cylinders. Plastic containers are manufactured from a variety of poly chemical compounds. Now a days, water packaging in plastic bottles is a world wide common practice.

Wine industry is incomplete without bottles

Wine and liquor are the part of western culture. That’s why wine manufacturing is the largest industry of the world. The use of glass bottles for the wine preservation is the old tradition which is prevailed over centuries. This packaging is better to protect the wine’s quality and taste. It also helps in long time sustainability.

In the age of industrial rush bottled and jarred packaged goods are blessing

The modern age effected the life of humans by many ways.The age of capitalization has made the every person busy. Packaged food is the first preference of modern societies.The use of bottled and jarred product has the advantage of time saving.The variety of food is also in the access due to the packaging facility.

Bottled and jarred packaging medicines has revolutionized the health sector

Many vitamins and proteins are used to cure different diseases. Bottles and jars of special kind are necessary to conserve these products.This bottled and jarred packaging helps to maintain the specific temperature and pressure of these health products. For instance, Insulin has the cure of Diabetes. Insulin is widely imported to different corners of the world by packaging it in the mini bottles.

How bottled and jarred packaged goods are effective for consumers?

  • Decline in the wastage of the food
  • Ingredients description
  • Brand identification
  • Health friendly
  • Instant ready

Evolution of food products by the bottled and jarred packaging

Soft drinks are the essential meal drink globally. This carbonated water is the largest manufacturer product.The maintenance of soft drinks depends upon the bottles and cans. Including soft drinks, other new food products are mainly supported by the bottled and jarred packaging.


Consequently, humans have been getting  advantages from bottled and jarred packaging for many years and it has more pros than cons. Now the problem of climate change is raising the questions on the disposal of these jars and bottles. Overall, these bottles and jars served the humanity very well. The technique of bottled and jarred packaging can be advanced more to get more privileges.

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